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Lockdown Routine With Kids

Hi everyone! We are going through yet another lock down in the UK! No work, no school, no nursery! What does this mean for our kids?! New routines! So I will be sharing my lockdown routine with the kids.

Mornings with my children during lock down!

Fortunately my mornings are a lot more relaxed now that we’re not having to rush to school! We don’t really have a specific time as to when we get up (yayyy) although this never gets past 9am – before we had to be up for 7am!

After waking up, my kids like to come to my room and snuggle up with us for a while (never had that before so it’s nice I guess 😉 lol).

Then get the kids cleaned up, go to the bathroom, brush their teeth and head downstairs! (Mind you sometimes my son, who is 5, will just go down and play without waking us up!) I do like it now he’s more independent 😉

Breakfast Time! (9 – 10.30am)

I now love Breakfast time! We all actually get to sit down together and eat together. Usually we don’t get to enjoy these moments, but the lock down has got us all spending more quality family time which we don’t normally get to do because we’re rushing or have other commitments.

Our Breakfast time can be from anywhere between 9 – 10.30 am – don’t judge! 😉

A tower of different coloured Lego toys in a row, a green tower, white tower, yellow tower, blue tower and red tower

Playtime (10 – 12 pm)

The kids will then play with whatever they feel like while I clean the house and get other house work done.

I usually just put out a few basic toys like legos, colours, paper etc until I’m done so that the kids can just get on with it without needing my help.

Here is a previous post which I wrote before on activities you can set for your kids!

I also put out a few snacks in between.

Lunchtime (12.30pm – 1.30pm)

Lunchtimes can sometimes get a bit later depending on how late we got up and had breakfast.

I don’t really stress myself or the kids about timings – there’s no rush 🙂

A quick sandwich and dessert and drink and we’re done!

After lunch we do the school work that is set for my son and I usually do this about 20-30 minutes at a time because he has such a short attention span and starts losing concentration, which in turn could get frustrating!

Playtime Again!A small inflatable children's bouncy castle, blue, red and yellow

The kids go out into the garden for about 10- 15 minutes (if they want) , if it’s too cold we just sit inside and play – (today we set up the small bouncy castle inside! Yes it’s meant to be used outside, but it got the kids busy and they got their daily exercise in! 🙂

You can also look at some of my other posts for activities you can do with your kids (here)

Dinner/Tea Time (Around 5-6pm – ish)

We have dinner together and we clean up after together – (an activity in itself) – The kids love joining in so it makes life so much easier and less stressful.

Bedtime (8pm – ish)

Again, we try not to stress about times but try not go to bed later than 8.30pm (doesn’t normally get that late but sometimes the kids like to watch TV before going up and of course I allow them to. Everyone deserves a bit of TV! 😉 haha

The kids have a bath, brush their teeth and go to bed!

Mummy and Daddy’s me time! Well daddy watches a movie, mummy just falls asleep most of the time 😀 – we’ve all been there! 😉

My simple but effective lockdown routine with kids!

That’s it! Our new routine is pretty relaxed! I’ve found this so much easier and what I’ve found is I’m enjoying my day more now that I don’t have crazy times or doing more than I can manage.

I think I’m going to keep up with some of these routines after the lock down too! So much better for my sanity! Haha.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading my daily lockdown routine with kids. I would love to hear about your daily routines too 🙂 Feel free to comment below.

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