Motorola MBP 855C Smart Video Baby Monitor
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Motorola MBP 855C Smart Video Baby Monitor
Review for Motorola Smart Baby Monitor

Hi everyone. Today I will be reviewing 2 baby monitors. A low cost option and one that is a bit more pricey.

I spoke about baby safety equipment on another post (here), and I mentioned about a baby monitor being one. So I thought I’d share a couple of reviews to make it easier for you guys to choose or get a better idea of what you could get and features which are important for you.

So first of all I will be reviewing a lower cost option for you.

VTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

Price £19.99

FeaturesVTech DM111 Audio Baby Monitor

  • 1 portable Parent Unit
  • 1 Baby Unit
  • Upto 450m range
  • Out of range indicator
  • Power saving mode
  • Low battery indicator
  • Mains powered or batteries
  • 1 year manufacturers guarantee

This monitor is audio only, which basically means you can only hear your child and not see them. Some people prefer these to the video ones. The reviews on this are pretty good. Sound is of good quality, signal is good, batteries last a while and it is really easy to operate. So if your after a simple baby monitor and one that does not cost a lot, then I would recommend this.

The next baby monitor is a bit more pricey, but this is a video monitor and includes a lot more features.

Motorola MBP 855C Smart Video 5 inch Baby Monitor

Price £179.99

FeaturesMotorola MBP 855C Smart Video Baby Monitor

  • 1 parent unit
  • 5 inch colour screen
  • 2 way talk – you can reassure your child from another room
  • Upto 3oom range
  • Out of range indicator
  • Mains powered

Baby unit Features

  • Pan and tilt zoom function
  • Wall mountable camera
  • Infra-red night vision
  • 5 lullabies
  • mains adaptor
  • 1 year manufacturers guarantee
  • Smart monitor works with ‘Hubble’ app

I personally used the motorola video monitor (this is a newer version to the one I’ve got). I’ve been using mine for over 5 years and it is still working as it was 5 years ago. That’s why I would recommend motorola.

So the reviews on this are also pretty good. This monitor has an alarm that sounds after 10 seconds if there’s no movement – please note this monitor is designed to pick up breathing so the alarm won’t sound for no reason. So there’s that extra reassurance that your baby is safe. You can keep an eye on each one of your children as you can buy additional cameras for different rooms (not included with this). The picture quality is good, sound is clear, easy to set up and you can also watch them from your phone if you download the ‘Hubble’ app. So all in all, a great baby monitor.

There we have baby monitor reviews. I hope this gives you more of an idea of what you could get for your budget and what features you would prefer for your personal needs. Of course, there are many more monitors out there for you to choose from. But these are my 2 recommendations for a low cost option and a video option.

Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, then feel free to comment below.

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  1. Rebekah Kann says:

    very well written post! I will send this to my sister (who is due in June with her second baby) and she might find this great to have for the second baby. I love to read things like this so I know what to use when I have a baby. Keep up the great work and I will keep telling my friend and family about this.  

    I don’t have any experience with things like this but I will let you know what my sister thinks of this. 

    Thanks again. Rebekah Of TeaJubilee

    1. TK says:

      Thank you so much. I do appreciate you commenting and passing the message on 🙂 I hope this will be helpful for your sister and other people too 🙂 Thank you Rebekah 

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