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Best Baby Safety Gate Reviews

What is the best baby safety gate?

Today I will be reviewing 2 of the best baby safety gates. A lower priced gate and a slightly higher priced option.

Lindam Easy Fit Deluxe Safety Gate

Price – £27.99

Pros – Good quality, Sturdy, Easy to install

Cons – A bit more pricey than other models

Features –

  • 4 point pressure fit for solid fitting
  • Easy one-handed adult opening – simply squeeze and lift
  • Easy to install
  • Comes assembled
  • No need to drill holes into the wall
  • 2 way opening
  • Double locking system
  • Wide walk through section
  • Height 75cm, Max width 117cm
  • Fits openings between 75-82cm
  • Manufacturers 1 year guarantee

I personally have always used Lindam gates because I feel like the quality is really good. I have used the same ones since my first child was born – 5 years!

The reviews on this are very good. The quality is good, it’s easy to assemble, keeps little ones away from rooms you don’t want to be in. Also, they don’t look too bulky as some gates do. The only thing I would say is if your on a budget, you might find it a little bit pricey. Although the lower cost ones aren’t much of a difference in price, it can add up when your getting multiple gates. (Usually you’d get 2 – 1 for the top of the stairs and 1 on the bottom) I have 3 – 1 on my kitchen door too. So just keep that in mind when buying.

Cuggl Pressure Fit Safety Gate

Price £19.99

This is the lower cost option.

Pros – Good quality, lower price, easy to assemble and install

Cons – Can be a bit fiddly to open

Features –

  • Pressure fit – attach to the door using pressure fit pads to hold securely
  • 2 way opening
  • Double Locking
  • 1 handed adult opening and locking
  • Step over bar
  • Wide walk through
  • Height 75cm, Max Width 81cm
  • Fits opening from between 75-81cm
  • Self assembly
  • Manufacturers 1 year guarantee

The reviews on this are also good. These gates do the job and keep kids safe from falling down the stairs or out of rooms they don’t need to be in. The only downside a few people have said is about the opening. It can be quite fiddly to open, even for adults.

There are many more options you could choose from, but in my opinion, I would recommend either one of these 2. I hope these reviews help you in making your choice in which baby gate to get to keep your baby safe!

Thank you for reading and as ever, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to write them below 🙂

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  1. Lindsay Rachel says:

    They both look like really good options. It’s probably best to go with the Lindham.  As you said, it’s not much more expensive and it’s sturdier than other options. I do know that when you are looking for multiple gates for your home the price difference will add up so the Cuggl is a great back up option. I would also say a combination of them would work and you could put the sturdier Lindham at the top of the stairs and the Cuggl in the other places you need one.

    1. TK says:

      That’s a great idea Lindsay. To use both is a great option. 

      Thank you for your comments 🙂

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