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Baby Safety Products for Home

Hello everyone. Today I will be talking about baby safety at home and baby safety products you could get for your home. We all know the importance of keeping our little ones safe in our homes. You don’t really see the risks until you have little ones to care for. I personally didn’t think my home was unsafe before I had children. But those little hands and feet are a trouble in disguise! Lol just kidding 😉

Making your home safe is important if you want that extra peace of mind. So you can relax and be free of worry while your baby or children explore and play.

So I will talk about what baby safety products you can have in your homes to minimise any risks for your children.

Baby Safety Products

Baby safety gates

This is one that is absolutely essential in my eyes! I have one on my kitchen door, one on the top of the stairs and one on the bottom of the stairs. Because once your baby starts moving, they will be everywhere. Their curiousity takes them all over the house. So to avoid them from going in places you don’t want them to go, get a baby safety gate!. A baby safety gate is a must because it prevents them from going into rooms they shouldn’t be in! You can also relax knowing that your baby is safely ‘locked’ in a safer room (obviously where you can see them).

I will be posting a review/recommendation for some safety gates soon (here)  🙂

Baby Monitor

Now I have mentioned about a baby monitor on a previous post (here).

Another important product for your children is a baby monitor! You can keep an eye on your children using the baby monitor when they are in a different room (this is with the camera monitors) or you can keep an eye on them during nap time, you can see if the blanket is not covering the face if they have one – my children have a favourite blankie, which they will not leave so they take it to bed with them – so a camera is ideal for you to watch your children. Also, for those times when your children say they are ‘sleeping’ but are not!

So I think this is a safety product which you should have.

There are lots of different monitors to choose from. Of course this depends on your personal preferences. You can choose from monitors with features like HD, video, WiFi, lullabies, movement sensors, night lights, monitors that work with phones (smart). Or you could choose an audio only one if your don’t require all those features. Remember- the more features, the more higher the price.

Door stoppers

These are great for protecting your little ones hands from getting trapped. Door stoppers are designed to stop your doors from slamming shut. My children do this all the time – not deliberately – they need to use more force to close a door, sometimes a bit too much force is used. This is where door stoppers come in. They prevent doors from slamming and hence reduce the risk of hurting your little ones fingers.

Also, it prevents children from getting locked in a room. So yeah, this is another important safety product which I would recommend.

Drawer latches / cupboard locks

We keep all sorts of things in our cupboards. So we don’t want our little ones to find their way into one which could have things that are dangerous inside. I have these in my kitchen draws. Even though I have a gate by my kitchen door, there are times where my children come in when I’m there. So to prevent my children from going into the draws, I use some of these drawer latches or cupboard locks – whichever you prefer. It keeps my children away from dangerous items such as knives, cleaning products or medicines. Also, it keeps those little hands away from your dishes!

So add that to your list!

Corner Protectors

These are good to have if you have a dining table or furniture with sharp ends. Kids run around everywhere, so it’s easy for them to get hurt. To prevent your kids from hurting their head or eyes, then I would get these corner protectors. These are usually made from silicone, so they provide soft corners to your furniture. So even if they do run into a table corner, they won’t get hurt as much as they would without one of these.

Anti-Safety Furniture straps

These straps prevent your furniture from falling over. My kids love climbing on anything they can find. So although I try to keep an eye them, they still find a way to climb on furniture. So if your children love climbing on things then I would recommend that you use these straps so they prevent your furniture from falling over. It’s just another safety feature which you can use if you wish.

When should you start baby proofing your home?

Well I suggest baby proofing your home before your child starts to crawl or move about. I started doing this when my child was about 5 months. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

I hope you found this information useful and will help you to get started in baby proofing your homes. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions below or if you have anything to add then feel free to leave your ideas below 🙂

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  1. Cathy says:

    Baby monitors are really helpful. My niece tried to climb out of the crib once after she woke up and at that height, she would have fallen and hit her head. Luckily the monitor alerted us of the toddler’s movements and we managed to rush into the room to see what was going on. Never assume when babies don’t cry, everything is alright.

    1. TK says:

      Oh no, I bet that was scary. I get very anxious when my children are sleeping, and the baby monitor does ease my anxiety somewhat.

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