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My Best Baby Bath Products

Hello everyone! I am back with another one of my favourites. Today we will be talking about what my best baby bath products are. These are what I used on my 2 children (and still use some of them 😉 ). Bath time is one of my most favourite times with my children – although at one point I did not like bath time at all! Both my children absolutely LOVE bath time now. Well in the beginning Baby 1 did not like baths at all. So for him I would try and do it as quick as possible. But now they both love bath time. They are not babies anymore but I thought this information would be useful for one of you guys!

iSafe Foldable Baby Bath

Now the main reason I got this one was because we have a pretty small bathroom. So I needed something that would ‘do the job’ and not take up all my space. But this turned out to be one of the best baby bath I bought.

Originally, I had been gifted one but it was too big to fit in my small space and also I found it really hard to empty it after I’d given my baby a bath, so I gave that away and found this one. There were lots of mixed reviews online about the iSafe bath but I took the chance and I have to say it was worth it. It was so easy to fill and the bath itself was quite deep so you could fill it as much or as less as you like.

I used a bath support sponge with it in the beginning so I had both hands free – but I kept close so baby didn’t slide down. The size was pretty good as well and it was nice and sturdy. I used it for about a year until I moved the baby to the big bath. But I have to say, I think my baby could have easily lasted another few months or maybe longer in this bath! It helped me with my back aches too, not heavy at all and so easy to empty. This made bath time much easier for me and less stressful. That’s what we all want, right?! Lol.

Baby Bath Thermometer

I know some people don’t use these and that’s ok. But for me, this was so good and convenient. I always had this fear and questioned myself A LOT about what I was doing for my babies.

‘What if the waters too hot?’ ‘What if it’s too cold?’ ‘My baby can’t tell me if it’s too hot or cold or if they uncomfortable’. I always doubted my ‘use your elbow’ technique. ‘What if the temperature feels ok to me but is not right for the baby?’ So many questions, I was really paranoid about everything!

So I used the Brother Max Baby Thermometer, for ALL bath times. I have to say I still use this sometimes and my children are 2 and 5. For me, it’s more of a reassurance that I can SEE the temperature and its it’s not too high or low. It’s just a peace of mind knowing my baby is comfortable. And I KNOW the temperature is correct so I feel good about bathing. Call me crazy, but that’s me :).

I love that it displays the temperature and adjusts as the water temperature changes. I also like that it shows what the highest temperature should be and it flashes if it’s too hot. It was like a toy for my kids to play with too. 5.5 years on and it still works just like it did on day 1. So I call that a WIN. 🙂

Also, it can be used as a room Thermometer, although I never used it for that.

Little Angels Bath Range

At first I used to use the Johnson’s range, but then it started to feel really thick and the smell was a bit too strong for my liking. I’d heard about the little angels bath time products but I wasn’t sure as I had only used johnsons. So I got one to try it out. And I have to say I was impressed. It didn’t cost that much ( I think it was just under a pound) and I thought it was a better quality to the one I used before. The smell wasn’t too strong and the hair felt nice and soft after. I use the little angels bed time head to toe wash and I also have the shampoo.

After the bath, I tried the little angels baby lotion and I actually love it. The skin smells fresh and feels so soft. This has now become a part of my bath time routine.

I haven’t tried the bubble bath as of yet so I can’t really comment on that but I have heard good things so I will be putting that on my list next as my children love to have a bubble bath.

I used a soft baby sponge and put a little bit of product on it and used on baby. You can also use washcloths. Whichever you prefer as long as they are nice and soft.

Bath toys

At one point we had loads of bath toys! Because my children enjoyed bath time so much, I thought the more toys the more they would enjoy it. But turns out a few toys is enough as they’ll enjoy bath time either way! So now I have a small box which include a few rubber toys – duck, star, dolphins! And I have another small set of bath toys which my kids play with all the time!

Bath time routine

So now that we have all the things needed for bath time, here is my bath time routine. It’s pretty simple really, I give my children a quick body massage – takes about 5 minutes – then give them a bath (one at a time obviously 😉 ). Sometimes they play for a while but that’s not always the case! As I’m sure many of you know, there are lots of other things to do aswell. So we tend to keep playtime in the bath minimum during the weekdays and on the weekend they play for a longer time.

Once they’ve had a bath and are dried, I put a bit of baby lotion on and put them in their pyjamas – I prefer bath time at night because I feel like they sleep better. Give them a glass of milk and off they go to bed! It’s as simple as that – not really that simple but let’s leave that out 😉 lol.


So there we have it. I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know what your bath times are like and what you do the same or differently! I would love to hear from you 🙂



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  1. Riaz Shah says:

    Those rubber toys are great, and safe too. Call me paranoid but I’ve always been concerned when the toys are not made of rubber, especially when in the bath since it will be around water. You know, because of possible chemicals from plastic things like that which we might never expect. Have you ever thought of that? Or is it just me haha

    1. TK says:

      I get like that too! It’s better to be overly careful i think 🙂 i literally read into every product i use because I want the best for my children, as I’m sure many of us do!

  2. A Jaynes says:

    What a delightful website! 🙂 As a father of two, I can’t say there is an item on this page that wouldn’t be useful for a baby’s bath haha! That iSafe Foldable Baby Bath looks wonderful for those of us in small spaces and for new parents – a baby thermometer is an amazing buy and gives bath-time confidence. We also use the Little Angels bath range and it is perfect for us. Great recommendations! 

    1. TK says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments:) 

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