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Hi everyone. Today I will be talking about something a little bit different to the usual baby posts. I will be talking about quick activities for kids. At times like this where we are having to stay at home, it could get quite overwhelming with working from home and keeping the kids busy. So below I will post some quick activities for kids which will give your kids hours of entertainment.


This is one of the most simple activity you could do for your kids! Just whip up some play dough, provide the kids with some simple tools – spoons, plates anything you have available and guaranteed the kids will be kept busy for hours – well, not literal hours, but a long time! My kids play for ages!

Get creative with boxes!! 

Boxes?! Like cardboard boxes or cereal boxes or any kind of boxes you have around. You buy your kids toys, spending loads of money on the best things around for your kids, you give them to your kids and what do they do? They play with the boxes! I mean has that ever happened to you? Kids are very creative. Give them anything and they will make something out of it. You could also add some bottles or lids and empty egg boxes and see what fun things they come up with!

Musical instruments using resources from home!!

This is one activity for when you can’t go out – could be due to weather or anything. Get some empty bottles, wash them, get a few different noisy things you could put inside the bottles – look in your kitchen you wll see lots of things you could use – one example could be rice! Put it in the bottles, seal the bottle and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! You could also put some glue and paper out so they could decorate their ‘instruments’!

Washing their toys!! 

This is a bonus one for you. My kids LOVE to play with water. I regularly clean their toys. So when it’s time to clean their toys. I get a couple of buckets, fill it with water and soap and start washing! This is an activity my kids enjoy the most! They think the are ‘playing’ but what we’re doing is another chore 😉 That’s a win- win situation right there!

It doesn’t really take that much to keep your kids entertained. Just look around your house and you will see LOTS of things to do with the kids!

I hope you liked my post today! I will be coming up with more activities which you could do with your kids soon!

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  1. Cynthia says:

    You are so correct with this information.  Since children have no sense of the cost or value of anything, anything can become a play toy.  In these times, it’s easy to overcompensate because we feel bad for all the things the children are missing…most of which they don’t even know they are missing!  

    I have a simple activity that has served me well.  Over two years ago, I made an investment to build a crafting kit.  I started with some interlocking storage boxes (so several can be carried to the table at one time).  I filled them with crayons, markers, colored pens and pencils, different colors glue, glitter, scissors, etc.  I also filled two larger containers with colored and white paper.  This keeps them busy for hours and, if they are trained to recap markers and return everything to its proper place, requires very little “resupplying”. I will sometimes add to it if I find interesting items on a clearance shelf!

    1. TK says:

      That is a great idea – thank you for sharing 🙂 

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